Timian Silver-Leaf

Timian is a noble elf of House Silver-Leaf. He is known as a genius and ruthless general.


Timian has, like most elves, a fair and sharply defined face, everything from his hair and cheekbones to pointy ears are painfully perfect. By appearance he would be the ideal elf but his persona and his deeds differ from this image. He looks at the world with a distant and cold gaze, but not in arrogance, instead his eyes lack all resemblance of empathy. He used to wear the best armours and wield the most priced weapons, now he lives in capture and partially serve the party. Still his gaze is cold without much empathy although less stern. He used to have a confident smug as he executed his expertise with pride but now his eyes face the ground and lips stay shut. Perhaps he no longer sees the purpose of life or perhaps this turn marks a new self in the rising.


Timian Silverleaf is son of Mynan of House Silverleaf who is an important figure in Alryn Politics.

Timian Silver-Leaf

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