Reinhart Strong-Stone

Reinhart is a stumpy dwarf. He is a helpful companion from The Ironhills


You find Reinhart’s appearance to be that of a common dwarf. His face is broad and is mostly covered in his unruly brown beard. A prominent feature is his relatively large nose that is always a tad red. The part of his face that isn’t submerged in beard is often cast in shadow due to his hefty nose or his iron helmet. The border of the helmet falls on top of the eyebrows always making Reinhart’s gaze seem kind of mean.


Reinhart was born in The Ironhills where he lived until he recently joined a quest with Azda. Like all dwarves Reinhart was trained in combat at a young age. You don’t know much about Reinhart’s past up until your meeting in South-Crossing. Here Reinhart was a stumpy and slightly angry dwarf looking for a fight and some drinks. It was here that Marroar and he had a brawl which resulted in Marroar gaining his respect. When asked if he longed for action and adventure Reinhart bellowed “Of cause pal” and presented you with his current party of dwarves that was traveling towards the mountain within The Elven Empire. The small party was lost and agreed to help you if you guided them into The Elven Empire.

Reinhart Strong-Stone

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