Azda is a female dwarf from The Ironhills and a warrior at heart.


Azda is generally quiet for a dwarf. She spends most of her time immersed in thought while she smokes her beloved willow-wood pipe. Azda’s hair is dark brown and spun into long dreadlock-like strands which she then ties into a bun. Most of her facial features are round except for her brushy eye brows. The thick eye brows move erratically when she is pondering or lost in thought.


Azda used to be the comander of guards in The Iron-Hills. When other dwarves ventured out to findt holy mountain, Mount Montrâ, she left her post without as much as a word. According to Reinhart she had for a long time tried to bear children but to no avail, a complication that had caused her many a tearful night…


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